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Elon University Theatre Program presents “Mother Courage and Her Children”

By Megan Wanner

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

The Elon University, N.C. theatre program presented opening night of “Mother Courage and Her Children,” directed by junior Sarah Pace,┬áin the Black Box Theatre Wednesday night.

The cast includes junior Lynnae Vana starring as Mother Courage, junior Bonnie Bower as her daughter Kattrin, sophomore William Sanborn as her son Eilif and freshman Ben Morris as her son Swiss Cheese.

Other cast include junior Chris Staskel as the Chaplain, junior Dan Gibbons as the Cook and freshman Alyson McKenzie-Wells as Yvette.

“Mother Courage,” written by Bertolt Brecht is the story of a mother living during the Thirty Years War who runs a canteen wagon along with her three children, two sons and a daughter, as they travel throughout Germany and Sweden from 1624 to 1636.

Check out what junior Sunny Smith had to say about the play: