Elon University Voices on Obama’s First 100 Days

By Megan Wanner

Photo courtesy of Google images

Photo courtesy of Google images

Wednesday, April 29 marked President Barack Obama’s 100th day in office. His first 100 days have been devoted to parting ways with the path the Bush administration had set for the country, among these departures are the remaking of the economy and setting a timeline for reducing U.S. involvement in Iraq.

Obama came out of the gates running, starting to get involved in devising plans to pull the U.S. economy out of the depression it has slumped even before he is sworn into office. By Day 3, Obama had already ordered Guantanamo Bay to be shut down within a year along with overseas prisons and had ordered an end to torture techniques in interrogation.

“I think he’s done great,” said senior Jack Garratt. “I think you can criticize him on his bailout plans but the things he’s done for stem cell research, the environment, his foreign policy I think outweighs that. Just the opening up ties and at least discussing with Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez I think he’s obviously not friends with them but I think entering into a dialogue is good for the American economy and politics in general.”

Obama’s first 100 days have been compared to those of Franklin D. Roosevelt, a difference being Obama’s immediate implementation of stimulus programs and passing of bills for an immediate effect on the country, but some, such as Elon University freshman Olivia Dubendorf do not think anything Obama has done has been too remarkable, especially internationally where there has been no change seen from the Bush administration.

“I think the first 100 days it’s hard to say how well he’s done,” Dubendorf said. “With the bank crisis anyone would have handled it the same way.”

Some students feel Obama has taken steps in the right direction, but think he’s been sidetracked by smaller issues from what he promised during his campaign.

“I think he’s getting sidetracked with this whole issue of going through the court cases of the tortures,” freshman Grant De Roo said.  “I’m not saying he’s not going to get around to that but I just think small things like that have really sidetracked his administration so far but he’s obviously taking the right steps in those issues but I think they’ve really sidetracked him from what’s important and what he said he had promised to do.”

When sworn into the presidency, Obama was given many situations to deal with right away. Rather than take them one at a time, Obama chose to tackle them all at once.

“I think he’s definitely doing the best he can with the situation he’s been given from former offices but I’m not a huge fan of his bailout plan at all so I guess that’s been a large part of his presidency that I haven’t been real thrilled about,” said junior Laura Wainman. “But like I said I think he’s really trying to do the best he can and to help us out; I think he’s just chosen the wrong method.”


One response to “Elon University Voices on Obama’s First 100 Days

  1. You rocked this assignment in regard to hustling on the video and getting it posted during class. Amazing. You spelled Dubendorf’s name wrong on the second use – a CARDINAL SIN in reporting! Good thing I don’t grade these assignments individually because this would be a 60/100 automatically due to the name. ALWAYS verify, ALWAYS double-check names!

    Your headline is really weak. Get some SEO details in there! Provide links to Obama’s news conference and any other interesting 100-days material you can find.

    This would be stronger if you got the local angle in the lead. At least foreshadow in some way in the first sentence or two that this story incorporates local voices. Speaking of local voices, you have no expert voice – you need at least one. You can still go out and get an expert quote and add it on before you officially turn in the portfolio for grading, and you should – a political science professor, economics prof, communications professor (Dr. Hatcher is teaching a senior seminar that is geared toward looking at the first 100 days of this administration.)

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