Elon Students run 26.2 miles in the Nashville Country Music Marathon

By Megan Wanner

32,000 runners gathered in Nashvilled to run in the Country Music Marathon

32,000 runners gathered in Nashville to run in the Country Music Marathon

The man in the booth at the start of the marathon calls out “Go” to signal the start of the 13th corral of runners at the 10th Annual Country Music Marathon in Nashville, Tenn.  Out of the 32,000 people running the 26.2 miles in the marathon, which included 48 bands playing a variety of songs ranging from country music to classic oldies, two were Elon University sophomores Courtney Corr and Taylor Hughes.

Unfortunately, around mile 20, Hughes started to experience cramping in his calves.

“I had to stop to walk then every time I tried to run again I could only go for about a minute before almost collapsing,” Hughes said.  “I ended up having to walk the last few miles.”

Corr stopped running to walk with Hughes for four miles before Hughes insisted she run the last 2.2 miles to the finish line, finishing in 4:41:44.  Hughes finished about 15 minutes later with a time of 4:58:27.

The two sophomores were among 4,136 finishers in the race, 2,335 male and 1,801 female.

Corr and Hughes traveled approximately 500 miles to run 26.2 miles Saturday morning in the 85-degree Nashville heat.

Corr’s father also ran alongside Corr and Hughes while her mother and a friend of the family ran and walked the 13.1 miles to constitute a half marathon.

“We wanted to run the full marathon, but with her knee problems and my foot problems we just couldn’t,” said Candy Corr, Courtney’s mother.  “Instead we had a good time drinking all the water and eating all the food offered along the way.”

Check out how Corr and Hughes felt after running the Marathon:

Check out why Corr and Hughes decided to run 26.2 miles:


One response to “Elon Students run 26.2 miles in the Nashville Country Music Marathon

  1. Megan, once again it is nice to see you getting out there and reporting on items others didn’t pick up on! I hope you will also add photos – can’t wait to see those runners. It might be fun to incorporate the fact of the 48 bands along the route up in the lead of the story… You have some spelling errors here, so pay attention when you add the rest of the story, so it is edited well for your final portfolio. I want to let you retain the ability to say you “own” this copy and it had very little editing input from your professor, but some examples include that “every time” should be two words in the quote; AP Style is to use a comma when you are writing numbers in the thousands; if it is 85 degrees in Nashville, then you should be writing (with a hyphen) about the 85-degree heat.

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