Students Present Their Choreography at the DanceWorks Spring Show

By Megan Wanner

The Black Box Theatre Center for the Arts at Elon University, N.C. was packed as students presented their dance choreography Friday night in the DanceWorks 2009 spring show.

The one-hour, 20-minute show consisted of 14 dances that represented multiple genres of dance ranging from flag dancing to tap to swing dancing.  A total of 34 dancers performed, 18 of whom were also choreographers for the performances.  All of the costume design for the show was also done by the students performing.

Rehearsals for the show started as early as September as students compiled their choreographies in preparation for the two rounds of auditions that took place before pieces were officially selected for the show.

“My favorite part about performing in the show would have to be the rehearsal process because all the people that I was performing with are all my very good friends and it was very fun spending time with them,” sophomore Jenna Farley said.

DanceWorks, previously known as “Just Dancin’ Around,” is a student-run dance company sponsored by the Elon Performing Arts Department.  The first performance was organized in 2004 by dance majors Rebecca O’Quinn (’07) and Alena Johnson (’06).

“I think I’m most proud of how far this show has come,” sophomore Stephanie Olsen said.  “It started out very, very small just a small student-run show and now it’s a big production.  We’re doing five shows this year and we used to only do one so it’s gotten a lot bigger in just this four-year time period.”


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